Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Matthew Williamson Spring/Summer 2012

First I just need to say this blog have officially established the fact that I will never be a fashion critic, I can only express my thoughts and feelings with facial expressions, ohhhs and ahhhhs, which reminds me of Homer Simpson trying to become a food critic lol. With that being said, this is my first time writing a review and I never had the intention to, but when I saw Matthew Williamson's SS2012 collection I just fell in love with every single look.  All the fashion bloggers do the "My favorite looks" thing, but I found it extremely hard to choose. The colors were so captivating and I simply found my self completely speechless, all I can say is that ever since fashion week I must have seen the collection pictures a hundred times.
Here are my favorite looks:

Gorgeous Floral Dresses <3

If I had to choose one look as my favorite it would be the opening look, especially the jacket:

Thanks Cristina for encouraging me.

Pictures from Vogue.


  1. Heyyy lady it's not allowed to fall in love except with me <3

    about your critical side I think u need to say more about what u c, ur feeling when c it for the first time not only woooow everything is perfect
    there is no such a thing "Perfect"

    Love u

  2. HEHEHE You're so adorable. It's a different kind of love, the materialistic kind lol.
    Love you too babe.

  3. I love the print on the white max dress. You were right...this is an amazing collection!


  4. Thank much, I think I might be doing this more despite my obvious lack of articulation!