Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Land of the Poor, the Government and the Inconsiderate

In a country where 60+ and even 70+ years old men clean the streets for living! In a country where a 50+ Years old woman with four grown up girls make a living from selling pins and combs on the side walk of one of the busiest streets in the city out of a pushed cart which she pushes for at least 6 kilometers from and to her spot every single day! In country where a person who was born with a birth defect is called crazy and left for the streets to raise them! In a country where countless families make less than 10 dollars a day! In a country where breaking the law is applaud and where thieves are respected and feared! In a country where the locals are considered second class citizens and foreigners are treated as royalty! In a country where people are deprived of the simplest rights, Iraq, that's where I live.

A country that has been through so many wars and so much destruction and never managed to quite rise back and now after almost eleven years of the so called liberation we still haven't managed to carry on a conversation without going back to the same old story of kidnapping, ransoms, killing, bombs and, destruction, all kinds of it! this is until lately where The Voice the Arabic version started airing in the Middle East and every conversation I've heared ever since has got to have something to with the show. Every Friday my Facebook news feed would be filled with nothing but status messages and pictures of the contestants and the coaches and lots of passionate words and prayers each person for their favorite.

If a bomb goes off and hundreds of people die only a few people will write about it but when neither the Iraqi contestant nor the Iraqi coach won a bomb of cursing and name calling exploded on my Facebook news feed, I was amazed by the number of people that were affected by the show and the final results! Those people have spent hundreds of dollars voting through text messages for their favorites! those are the same people that never even bother to look at the lady's cart on the street in this cold weather and I bet they never even noticed the old men cleaning the streets!

The only explanation I can come up with is that we have become numb to anything and everything around us and after having bloody-every-day- of the week days and after all we've been through we'd rather not talk about it, not think about the people who's lives have been completely shattered, go and spend so much money voting for some one who will never acknowledge the effort rather than helping a person who will probably remember it for as long as they shall live! and the middle of this storm of superficiality the Iraqi government have donated FORTY MILLION AMERICAN DOLLARS for the Syrian refugees and not a single person has wrote about it today! Of course they would, I mean the country is clearly well taken care of so why shouldn't we take care of our neighbors and be the first to do so, right?

And don't you worry about the poor, the have Allah ...

نامي جياعَ الشَّعْـبِ نامي حَرَسَتْكِ آلِهـة ُالطَّعـامِ

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Are You Happy?

Last Night while trying to fall asleep and wondering threw the endless boards of my new found addiction, Pinterist I stumbled across this:

 I felt like the world stopped for a second when I read it and I finally understood that AHA moment that Oprah has been yapping about for years, although my moment was more of a HA moment rather than aha! I just sat there and wondered if it was actually that easy? I know that complicating things and over thinking only means you're human, right? but what if life actually is easier than what we make it? what if being happy requires no more than setting your foot and saying, you know what today I'm going to be happy? I felt like it was a wake up call, you know those moments in movies where a heavenly light shines over the lead actor from somewhere above with all the fire flies that appear out of nowhere complete with that Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa music-carol like sound? Yeah that's how I felt! it was spooky although it would have been cooler if the old wise Japanese guy made an appearance whispering words of wisdom into my head with his majestic voice, wouldn't it?

I came to a realize that I have all I need to be happy but I tend to dwell in all the horrible things that are happening around me. So with this attitude I woke up this morning with my mind set on Happiness and I feel good, well so far at least. So Whoever said that happiness is a state of mind was right, I woke up with a positive attitude and the day ended fine!

So there you have it if you want to be happy, BE.

Have a nice day

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Earth Hour 2013

Let the count down begin, 135 days to go!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

God Bless You Mr. Veggies on a Carriage

Ever since construction started in the piece of land next our house it's been hell. The Garage has cement stains all over it and it changed from off white to grey, the plants are on their way to being dead (Not that I ever took care of them) since the soil is completely covered with cement not to mention the drilling at 6:00 am but all of this was manageable until they decided to get rid of the big pile of brick pieces, sand and pebbles and break the floor at door!! Like we needed that.I grinch every morning as I open my house door to the little lake of a street we have now because Erbil's sewage system is old and anything can stop the water flow, a few pebbles and a little mountain of construction stuff and OCD neighbors who clean their garage and all the way to the house across the street TWICE a day  and vois la a lake big enough to ruin my shoes every morning yet to small to swim in lol.

Sometimes my dad drives me to work so I take a walk and wait for him on the main street and wait for him, the other day I arrived a bit early and as I was waiting and admiring the neat water flow that street had and I was thinking how we take those little things for granted until there's construction and the flow stops! my thoughts were disrupted by the Veggies and Fruits man who was passing by, he's a very short cartoonish looking guy with the Kurdish clothes, the big belly and very funny high pitch sound the combination makes me smile every time I see him, as usual he stopped to to say "Bashiiiiiiii?" (which is how are you in Kurdish) with a very big smile and offered to give me a ride to work in his human pulled carriage, then he turned to a street stopped his carriage and struggled trying to enter a fenced little garden, There was a water hose in there so I thought he was hot and wanted to cool off, he tried to squeeze him self but failed so he jumped over the fence and he started to look around the place, picked a little tree branch that was lying on the grass. I was like what on earth is this man doing?! maybe he needs something to shosh away the flies? but he squads behind the fence and reaches to the little manhole and tries to move the dirt and tree leaves and branches that were clogging it !!He looked at me and said something that I couldn't hear I just smiled and nodded, I felt like this man deserves a standing ovation, I was shocked in a good way and it simply made my day. and it turned out that the water flow was not really that good, well I was not wearing my glasses and everybody knows without them I'm practically blind.

There he is in the corner
God Bless you Mr. Veggies on a carriage

As I think of this incident I think to myself whether I would do something like this, would I jump over a fence to help the water flow in a place I don't live in not know anyone who does? Am I willing to get out of my way do something no one will notice or know about? would you?


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Random Reflections of a Pencil Sniffer

I was born in Spring and it's the season of you know change, rebirth and prosperity and all those stuff, but to me the only good thing about it is my birthday other than that it's just an annoying period of allergies, Fall on the other hand has always been my ultimate favorite season and you can totally tell because I'm always smiling and I get a bit too yippy sometimes and I never really had it figured out, but for some reason all good things in my life happened during Fall, I met my best friend in September, I met Ali in October, I started my first job around this time of the year, although I fell in love somewhere between fall and winter but I got married in the Fall as well and every year something good happens around this time...

My love affair with Fall never seems to end, every year at this time I start reflecting on everything in my life, I get in the mood of taking long walks,  listening to soothing music and most importantly walk into stationary shops and smell pencils, I know it's too creepy but the smell of burning wood and sharpened pencils is the most relaxing and joyous smell there is!

I bought a pencil and I have my coffee and my music all there's left to do is sit and wait for that one great thing that is supposed to happen, I'm just hoping that Mom's pumpkins are not the biggest event of the season!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

While You're Gone!

I'm running our of things to do to get you out of my mind...

All Pictures are from  Flickr

Random Rambling

"Sometimes I wonder about my life. I lead a small life, valuable but small and sometimes I wonder do I do it because i like it or because I wasn't brave? So much of what I see reminds me of something I read in a book, when shouldn't it be the other way around? I don't really want an answer I just want to send the cosmic question out into the void. So good night, dear void".

Saturday, July 21, 2012

رمضان زمان و رمضان الان

من اني صغيره  اسمع الناس يحجون بأيام الخير جان عمري سبع سنين واسمع اهلي من يحجون عالنساتل و الببسي و الموز الي جان الشعب العراقي محروم منه اكول هاي وينها الشغلات و يجيني الجواب اووووووو انتو ملحكتو على ايام الخير كبرنا و بدا العراق يتطور و اجانا فريندو ونايس و اهواك و بعدين جتي صرعة الموسم فد نستله الي محد ديتذكر اسمها و اني هم مدا اتذكر اسمها بس هيه جانت جكلت بار و جكلت و بس ماكو شي وياه لا تمر و لابسكت ولا اي شي جانت فد شي طاك كلش بالسوك العراقي و فد طفره نوعيه بالانتاج ** و طبعا مننسى الايس كريم مل بيت بنيه الي لحد الان نتذكره و نكول عليه الله على الرغم من انو هوه جان قمة العويان وبدينه نهجر الببسي الخبط و رجع ببسي الشركه و السينالكو و الصودا الي مادري شون جنه نجرعها بس جان اكو صراع على النادي مل ابو شدراك اول ميفتح كلها تريد صودا على الرغم من انو طعمها جان سخيف جدا واتذكر كلما جنت اكل نستله لازم اكو شخص جبير يمي يذكر فد اسم لنستله اجنبيه مشايفتها بس سامعه بيها و من يشوفني ازبهليت يكول اوووووو انتو ملحكتو على ايام الخير و هم كبرنه و جتي 2003 و جاء التحرير و انفتح السوق العراقي على الببسي و النساتل الي صارت انواعها لا تعد و لاتحصى و لحد هاليوم بعدنه نسمع بأيام الخير! يمكن هيه مسأله شخصيه و كل واحد يشوف الأيام الي جان مرتاح بيها على انو هيه ايام الخير بس لحد يومي هذا معرفت يمتى جانت ايام الخير الي يحجونبيها امي و ابويه. طبعا هسه احنه كبرنا و كمنه نفيك عالجهال و هم كمنه نكول شون جان الزمان و شون جانت الدنيا من جنه صغار و خصوصا بهالوقت من السنه نبقى نحجي برمضان و شون جان رمضان و العيد و الفرحه و الجو و كل الشغلات الي هسه بدت تختفي و صار رمضان ثقل اكثر من ما هوه نعمه و نشوف الناس (و اني منهم) يتشكون من الحر و العطش و الدوخه قبل شهر من رمضان و نادرا ما احد احجي بفضل هالشهر لو شحيسوي شي زين لروحه لو لمجتمعه.

الدنيا تغيرت صح و الناس تغيرو و هذا شي طبيعي جدا بس احنه دائما نشوف عالجانب الموزين و دائما نفكر بالتغيير على انو هوه شي سيء و نتعامل وياه على هالاساس و نرفض التغيير بكل أشكاله و كل انواعه و نريد الدنيا تبقى مثل ما احنه متعودين عليها!!طبعا ماكو هيجي فلم هندي هوه التغيير جاي جاي غصبا ماعلينه و لازم نتقبل الموضوع و برحابة صدر همين مو شون مجان بس ليش ما بدل هالصراع نحاول ننظر للموضوع من جانب ثاني و نتقبل التغيير و نطلع منه شي زين؟ و ليش مو احنه نكون الي نبدي بالتغيير للأتجاه الاحسن؟ ليش دائما ننتضر واحد يجيبلنه شي عالحاضر و احنه نختار ونقرر لو نطبق و يعجبنه لو منطبق و نضل نسبسب؟  الله يرحمه لغاندي عنده حجايه حلوه يكول "كن انت التغيير الذي تريد ان تراه في العالم" منو بينه مطبق هالحجايه؟  اني اول وحده من الناس ممطبقتها و بعيده كل البعد عنها ووضيفتي بالحياة اتذمر و احجي عالشعب و عالحكومه و عالدنيا.

جان اكو دعايه يمكن لو العام لو السنه القبلها يطلع فد شاب يشتري قميص للبواب و يكله رمضان كريم كلش جنت أتأثر بيها و اكول شكد حلو لو هيجي عدنه و اضل ادردم عالناس و شون موزينين واحد ويا اللاخ و مفد يوم فكرت انو اني من ذوله الناس و اني من ذوله الموزينين الي مقصرين بهالموضوع !! صار فتره من توصلت لهالاكتشاف و طبعا ابد مو فخوره بهالشي بس شفت فد صوره فد بيج بالفيس بوك  مسويلها شير و انصدمت بواقع حالي الصوره مكتوب عليها دائما جنت اتسائل ليش محد يغير هالشي الى ان اكتشفت انو اني هذا الاحد.

  هاليوم و انطلاقا من هذا التصريح الخطير قررت انو السنه يكون رمضان غير يعني رمضان من صدك مو من ناحية التعبد لأنو الحمدلله كل سنه اسوي الي اكدر عليه من التعبد و احاول ابتعد عن الغيبه والنميمه قدر الامكان (نسوان بعد منكدر هههههه) بس من ناحية الخير و المساعده لأني مقصره هوايه فهاليوم و من هذا المنبر المتواضع اتعهد انو ميفوت يوم من ايام رمضان هالسنه بدون ما اسوي بيه شي خير لأحد غيري ويعني يكون فد شي غير اناني و مالي بيه اي نفع مجرد مساعدة شخص سواء كان فقير او احد رايد  مني شي يتطلب انو اعوف شغله تخصني و اساعده او اي شي ثاني, محددت فد اسلوب معين بس حساعد قدر الامكان و اذا اكو احد عنده مقترح او طريقه ياريت يكلي و اذا احد مهتم يشاركني اتمنى يشاركني لأنو صحيح المستقبل بيدنه و احنه الي نسويه و هذا مو بس حجي الناس تكوله و شعارات و لأنو ماريد يجي يوم يصير عندي جهال و يجون يلوموني ليش الدنيا هيجي و ليش محاولتو تغيروها!

انتو شناوين تسوون؟ اكتبولي بكومنت مقترحاتكم.

رمضان كريم عليكم اجمعين و انشالله تقبل الطاعات.


**النستله طلع اسمها لؤي شكرا بتول لأنو لكتلياها و اشكر كل الي حاولو يتذكروها

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Thoughs

Every  morning as I drag myself out of bed, this goes through my mind:

Sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Don't lose faith. I'm convinced that the only thing that kept me going was that I loved what I did. You've got to find what you love. And that is as true for your work as it is for your lovers. Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don't settle.

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

I have memorized these parts and I hate the fact that I have because I'm not following my heart or my intuition nor am I loving what I'm doing...

Lullaby for the Hungry

I was in Baghdad for a week, it was hot, humid, loud, dusty and beautiful in it's own strange way. I've had this feeling for a while, but it's never been this strong. I felt out of my comfort zone when I was there I even hugged my stuff when I got home! Any how, it was an exhausting week that ended beautifully.

One Day dad and I were on our way to work and were listening to a talk show on Radio Dijla, the discussion was about the extremely large amount of taxis in Baghdad and how taxi drivers are hardly making a living out of it, apparently many government employees have taxis too and it's affecting others' living! Taxi drivers were calling begging the government to do something about it, non-taxi drivers were calling begging the government to do something about the traffic! an Iraqi debate or discussion, for those who are not familiar with it, is all about name calling and disagreeing with others, yelling, more name calling and going away and continue to disagree and show it in every single way possible. I don't think I've ever seen two Iraqis (or Arabs) trying to try to listen to each other because God forbid maybe the other side actually has a valid point! With that being said you can only imagine the amount of complaints that were on the that show and the funny thing was that the show ended as it began, no result and everyone kept their cars and those who have jobs kept both their cars and their jobs.

A few days after this incident I was in Baghdad, you can only realize why people were complaining when you actually see it. The streets were like endless sees of yellow cabs, they were everywhere and if you make the mistake of raising your hand at least five cars will stop and a traffic jam starts behind them, drivers almost beg you to hire them! It was horrifying and painful, where is the government from all of this and why isn't anyone trying to do something about it? Imagine having this as your only resource and a family to feed at home, rent, kids and the whole deal, I'm not saying that the before 2003 Iraq was better but really what did we get out of this mess? More hungry people and more chaos and the further the time takes us the worse things get, the poor are still poor and the rich are still rich!

My late uncle once said while reading one of the after-the-american-invasion newspapers "Americans brought us two things diet Pepsi and Parties, now everyone can express their political thoughts freely and drink soda without gaining weight, good for us", I don't know why but this has always resonated in my head maybe because it's true.

Here's a poem of Muhammed Al-Jawahiri, a shout out to all those struggling for a living :

نامي جياعَ الشَّعْـبِ نامي حَرَسَتْكِ آلِهـة ُالطَّعـامِ
نامي فـإنْ لم تشبَعِـي مِنْ يَقْظـةٍ فمِنَ المنـامِ
نامي على زُبَدِ الوعـود يُدَافُ في عَسَل ِ الكلامِ
نامي تَزُرْكِ عرائسُ لأحلامِ فـي جُـنْحِ الظـلامِ
تَتَنَوَّري قُـرْصَ الرغيـفِ كَـدَوْرةِ البدرِ التمـامِ
وَتَرَيْ زرائِبَكِ الفِسـاحَ مُبَلَّطَـاتٍ بالرُّخَــامِ
نامي تَصِحّي! نِعْمَ نَـوْمُ المرءِ في الكُـرَبِ الجِسَامِ
نامي على حُمَةِ القَـنَـا نامي على حَـدِّ الحُسَـام
نامي إلى يَــوْمِ النشورِ ويـومَ يُـؤْذََنُ بالقِيَـامِ
نامـي على المستنقعـاتِ تَمُوجُ باللُّجَج ِ الطَّوامِي
زَخَّارة ً بـشذا الأقَـاحِ يَمدُّهُ نَفْـحُ الخُـزَامِ
نامي على نَغَمِ البَعُوضِ كـأنَّـهُ سَجْعُ الحَمَامِ
نامي على هذي الطبيعةِِ لم تُحَـلَّ بـه "ميامي "
نامي فقد أضفى "العَرَاءُ" عليكِ أثوابَ الغـرامِ
نامي على حُلُمِ الحواصدِ عـاريـاتٍ للحِـزَامِ
متراقِصَـاتٍ والسِّيَـاط ُ تَجِـدُّ عَزْفَـاً ﺑﭑرْتِزَامِ
وتغازلـي والنَّاعِمَـات الزاحفاتِ من الهـوامِ
نامي على مَهْدِ الأذى وتوسَّدِي خَـدَّ الرَّغَامِ
وﭐستفرِشِي صُمَّ الحَصَى وَتَلَحَّفي ظُلَـلَ الغَمَامِ
نامي فقـد أنـهى " مُجِيـعُ الشَّعْـبِ " أيَّـامَ الصِّيَـامِ
نامي فقـد غنَّـى " إلـهُ الحَـرْبِ" ألْـحَانَ السَّـلامِ

Click here for the English version of the poem

Stay Safe,

Things I'll Never Understand

I have a very long list of things I simply don't get but here's part one:

1. Personal Shoppers and Stylists
The idea of paying someone to help you spend money just doesn't make sense, friends do that and FOR FREE!

2. Thigh high boots
Every time I see them I think "shorts upside down!"

3. Lady Gaga
There are so many wrong things, I don't even know where to start.

4. The Stock Market
I'm just not programmed to get anything money related, bankers speak Chinese as far as I'm concerned

5. Anything Orange Red
I just hate that color.

6. Satin PJ's in Iraq
Too cold for winter and too warm for summer and the fact that their prices are ridiculous doesn't exactly help!

To be discriminated against because of something you have absolutely no control over is beyond stupid. No one chose their race and there's nothing they can do about it, unless you're Micheal Jackson lol.

No matter how many times it's explained to me I will never ever understand how they make ceilings.

9. Mint Filled chocolate
Yes Honey, I said it ....

10.Mean People!

11. Why people get so worked up over Politics

12. Cyber fights, they're just funny

Stay Safe,

Picture from 78notes

Thursday, May 3, 2012

زياره و تساؤلات

بداية احب اوضح ليش كتبت هذا البلوك بالعربي و تحديدا بالجلفي لأنو بس العراقيين حيفتهمون معاناتي. اني انسانه لا وطنيه ولا قوميه ولا ادور اي شي من هالسوالف بس من تصير كدامي شغله من قبل ناس اني محسوبه عليهم تصعد عندي الغيره و الحميه و هالكلاوات و اعبر عن رأيي بصوت عالي جدا سواء انسمع او لا و سواء رأيي صح او غلط و هالشغله كل الناس يعرفوها بيه و عالاكثر اغلبهم ميحبوها بيه!!  فليكدام اذا ما الكم خلك لاتقروه ححجيلكم قصة شغله صارت بيه و اريد جواب على سؤالي و رجاء لا تدخلونه بالسياسه و الحكومه.
اني شيعيه و احب آل البيت و احب ازورهم كلش و احس براحه نفسي من ادخل الحضره و اصلي و اشوف الحمامات تطير براحتها و محد يحجي وياها و هاي الصوره مرسومه بدماغي من طفولتي و اذا ما اكعد بالكاع ورا ما اصلي و ارفع راسي و تفوت من فوكايه حمامه ما احس بالزياره هسه وره الضروف المرينه بيها بعدت عن بغداد بس  احاول كلما اروح لبغداد ازور و بما انو اهل علي (زوجي) قريب عالكاظميه هاي الشغله جتي من حظي فبسهوله نروح نزور. المهم خلي ادخل بالموضوع, قبل اسبوع جنت ببغداد و كالعاده رحت دا ازور الكاظم و تحضرت و اني فرحانه و خالتي انطتني عبايه طبعا للي فالتين من العراق الحبيب (هنيالكم و رجاءا بلا كلاوات الغربه) و ميدرون شصار مصار وراهم هسه العتبات المقدسه متنفات اذا مو لابسين عباية راس! طبعا ماريد اخش بهذا الموضوع لأنو اذا انفتحت بعد ما اسكت المهم رحنه للكاظميه ونزلنه من التكسي باخر نقطه ممكن توصلها سياره و نزلنه مشي من هالمكان للأمام اكو حسب ما اتذكر 3 نقاط تفتيش بعدين و طبعا الي يفتشون ولو اني عاذرتهم كاعدين و الجو جان رطوبه و اكيد طاكه روحهم بس شنو يدردمون كل وحده تفوت من تطلع يذبولهم فد حجايه هالكبرها و اني اكول بكلبي الله يستر من اطلع شحيكولون عليه!!! وره نقاطا لتفتيش الي هيه شبه كلاوات وصلنه للأمام هنا عاد بالباب اكو كرفانات و تفتيش صدك بباب الكرفان اكو رجال واكف و يدردم عالشعب اي وحده تفوت طالعه شعرابه من راسها و ترزلت الي ملابسه عبايه تترزل و اكو وحده جانت دتضحك هم ترزلت و كللها ليش تتمضحكين!! يعني شون نبطل؟ و طبعا الي غلطانه غلطة عمرها و جايه خاله ميكب هاي الي الله كتبها عليها تالي دخلت بكرفان يؤدي الى كرفان لاخ و عينك متشوف الا النور و اذا كدامي ست سراوات من النساء المتشحات بالسواد و الرطوبه تكتللللللللللل و الحر ماسولفلكم عليه و السره طويل هم وكفت حالي حال العبريه و شبعت كفخات و و بعد انتضار دام اكثر من عشر دقايق و بعد ان خنزرت على الي واكفه ورايه يجي اربع مرات وصلني السره و كلت ايه و اخيرا طبعا هنا احب انوه انو اني ابدا ما اخذ ويايه جنطه من ازور تلافيا لما سيحصل هسه لأنو همه الناس خالين قطع كبار بيها الشغلات الممنوع تدخل بس هالمره لضروف اضطريت اخذ جنطه و اني جايه من سفر فجنطتي مليانه غراض بس حاسبه حسابي ففرغتها من كلشي قبل ما اجي. وصلت لأم التفتيش و صعدت عالدجه و ابتسمت بوجهها طبعا هيه رمقتني بفد نضره مدري شون كايله و كلت يلله عادي فتحت الجنطه و بكل بطؤ تفتح جيب و تجيك و تلكاه فارغ و تسده و تفتح اللاخ و تلكاه فارغ و تسده و هم ارجع و اكول جايه من سفر و جنطتي على كولت علي مشتمل بيها كومه جيوب و جان يطلع اكو جيب ناسيته اني و تفتحه و يطلع بيه لوشن! جان تكلي هذا مكياج رجعي للأمانات .... لا يا الهي مستحيل حرجع اوكف سره كتلها يابه ذبيه ماريده قفلت عاد ويايه و جان ارجع طبعا ماكو طريق رجعه لازم بنفس الممر الدخلت بيه و اني و عبايتي و الشتائم تنهال عليه من كل صوب و حدب و التعليقات وياها "ياخاله ليش جيتي منانه مو ذاكه طريج وين تروح الاوادم ماتكلولي" و "يا خاله لمي عباتج كنستي الأمام كله" و اني اتعذر و امشي لأنو شبعت الاوادم كفخات الما طلعت و حتى تكمل السبحه اخر وحده داست على عبايتي و الا شويه و اتجقلب بس الله ستر!! طلعت المهم و رحت للأمانات  وخليت غراضي و رجعت بالسره مره اخرى طبعا هالمره بالدخله جنت من ضمن الناس الي رزلهم الحجي الي واكف بالباب لأنو عبايتي وكعت و بهالاثناء وحده داست على عبايتي و رزلتني ههههههه الحلو انو رزلتني فاني فقدت اعصابي و بديت ادردم و بديت الوم نفسي ليش جيت؟ هم هيجي زياره متنراد و رجعت وكفت بالسره بس الحمدلله مطول هوايه يجي خمس دقايق و طلعت ودخلنه و وكفني واحد بالطريق و هوه مديباوع عليه و يأشر بيده و يكول "حجابج" زين اذا انته مدتباوع عليه شمدريك حجابي بي شي؟ دخلنه جوه و طبعا هم اكو مرحلة تفتيش ثانيه جوه فقط لحاملي الحقائب يعني عبالك جانو متقصديني ديحسسوني بالذنب  و هنا بده فلم لاخ الي هوه الضريح جوه اكو فد وحده شايله فرشه مل تنضيف اخشاب هاي الملونه و تضرب العالم على روسهم اذا تأخرو اني اطب و اطلع ما اطول عادة بس حصلتلي كفخه بالغلط و انحشكت بنص العالم و عصيت لأنو الي تلزم الشباج بعد هاهيه متهده تالي طلعت وره عناء و جان الكا خالتي واكفه دتريد تصلي و اكتشفت انو اكو صلاة قضاء حاجه يم الضريح اني هم طبكت عالسره داصلي و بصفي وحده ايرانيه و ويا ما اني كملت صلاة أحد داس على جفيتها و اذا بيهاعاطت بأذني شكل عيطه خلتني بطفره وحده اكوم و الم جوالاتي و اطلع و اكعد بره هنا عاد بدا الجزء الحلو صليت و الحمدلله و كملت و كعدت صفنت عالسكف الي هوه من اجمل المناضر الي ممكن الانسان يشوفها بحياته و على الرغم من انو كل الموجودين لابسين عبايات سوده ماكو انعكاس لأي شي اسود المرايات تعكس البياض مل المرمر بس! ياترى همه مصمميها هالشكل لو هاي صدفه مادري بس المنضر مثل ما اني اعرفه و حافضته اكثر منضر بالدنيا يهديني و يخليني احس براحه نفسيه مو طبيعيه و فاتت الحمامه و صدك حسيت الدنيا بخير نسيت الهوسه و التدفع و الكفخات وو الحر و الرطوبه و الحجي الي بالبابو  كلشي حسيت مثل متكول ماما " اني في رحاب الرحمن" كملنه صلاة و طلعنه و اني مبتسمه و داتفرج عالتغييرات الي بالصحن الي كلش حلوه و منضر الناس ديصلون و يقرون ادعيه شي صدك يفتح النفس عالحياة ووصلنه للباب و نفس الرجال الي أشرلي و كلي حجابج باوع عليه و راد يحجي شي و خنزرت بوجهه وسكت هههههه حسيت بنوع من الفخر السخيف جدا.

هسه وره هالقصه اكيد تتسألون شكو هلكد حجيتي و خصم الحجي شتريدين يعني؟ الي اريد اكوله انو ليش هالاسلوب الجاف بالتعامل؟ و ليش هالصياح و الرزايل الي ما الها داعي؟ و ليش هالهمجيه؟ و ليش ويه العراقيين يتعاملون هيجي و الايرانيين همه عبالك اسياد المكان على الرغم من انو اني سامعه العراقيين بأيران ميعاملوهم زين من يزورون؟ و ليش بعدين وره هذا كله نجي نكول ليش الناس يحجون علينه؟؟ ممكن احد يكلي؟ طبعا احب انوه عن فد فقره اني سويتها عن قصد كل الي بالتفتيش ابتسمت بوجههم ولا وحده بيهم ابتسمت بوجهي!! هم ليش؟

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Late Night Chit Chat

A few weeks ago I was at my parent's and my Mom and I were in the kitchen snacking on dried apricots and chit-chatting we were discussing how the world, people and everything around us is constantly changing and she said the only thing that will ever change are the beautiful memories of your loved ones, she told me this story that got me thinking about my life (no seriously it did, I'm not kidding). Any how, it's been over a month since she told me the story but I just cant stop thinking about it.

"I was about 3 years old, I think I was three because I can only remember vivid images, I had a bad allergy in my scalp and they had to shave my hair off. I was walking by the small river with my mom at my grand parents house, it was March I guess, everything was so green and beautiful and suddenly i realized I was alone my mom was not there, I guess I guess I let go of her hand chasing a something and I got lost. Some how I crossed the little bridge to the other side of the river and I realized I was completely alone and started crying, and then I saw my mom on the other side calling my name, she reached the little river's bank, looked around to make sure no one is there, lifted up her dress and made her way through the river and held me really tight once she made it to the other side and she cried. I can stell smell her" I was speechless and deeply touched, my Mom lost her mother when she was very little but the amount of memories she has of her is amazing and she doesn't have a single bad memory of her, we do tend to romanticize the memories we have of people we love but it's such a beautiful way to be remembered, isn't it? That was when I decided that when I die I want people to celebrate my life rather than mourn my death. As bizarre as that sounds for my culture but I truly deeply want a celebration! The way I see it if my life will be half as good as it is now then I will die in peace so why mourn it?

Think about it....

Have a nice day,

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Monday, February 27, 2012

In Your Arms I'll Stay

The song is just as amazing as the video, it took them  22 months, 1,357 hours, 30 people, 2 ladders, 1 still camera, 288,000 jelly beans to make this video!
I say it's a total success.

Have a good one,

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Good Night Dear Void

Silence, she couldn't hear a thing, it's as if the world just stopped and despite all the lights around her she felt like everything suddenly grew dark as she watched the car's light disappear into the night, so dark that she struggled trying to find the key to lock the door.The world just went off in a split of a second!

"Wolves!" she thought to her self, yes wolves she could hear them crying some where out there as if they were sending her love, trying to show their sympathy.

She locks the door, wipes the tears, takes a deep breath and whispers to herself "He'll be back before you even know it" and suddenly she realizes that for the first time in her life she feels lonely.