Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Land of the Poor, the Government and the Inconsiderate

In a country where 60+ and even 70+ years old men clean the streets for living! In a country where a 50+ Years old woman with four grown up girls make a living from selling pins and combs on the side walk of one of the busiest streets in the city out of a pushed cart which she pushes for at least 6 kilometers from and to her spot every single day! In country where a person who was born with a birth defect is called crazy and left for the streets to raise them! In a country where countless families make less than 10 dollars a day! In a country where breaking the law is applaud and where thieves are respected and feared! In a country where the locals are considered second class citizens and foreigners are treated as royalty! In a country where people are deprived of the simplest rights, Iraq, that's where I live.

A country that has been through so many wars and so much destruction and never managed to quite rise back and now after almost eleven years of the so called liberation we still haven't managed to carry on a conversation without going back to the same old story of kidnapping, ransoms, killing, bombs and, destruction, all kinds of it! this is until lately where The Voice the Arabic version started airing in the Middle East and every conversation I've heared ever since has got to have something to with the show. Every Friday my Facebook news feed would be filled with nothing but status messages and pictures of the contestants and the coaches and lots of passionate words and prayers each person for their favorite.

If a bomb goes off and hundreds of people die only a few people will write about it but when neither the Iraqi contestant nor the Iraqi coach won a bomb of cursing and name calling exploded on my Facebook news feed, I was amazed by the number of people that were affected by the show and the final results! Those people have spent hundreds of dollars voting through text messages for their favorites! those are the same people that never even bother to look at the lady's cart on the street in this cold weather and I bet they never even noticed the old men cleaning the streets!

The only explanation I can come up with is that we have become numb to anything and everything around us and after having bloody-every-day- of the week days and after all we've been through we'd rather not talk about it, not think about the people who's lives have been completely shattered, go and spend so much money voting for some one who will never acknowledge the effort rather than helping a person who will probably remember it for as long as they shall live! and the middle of this storm of superficiality the Iraqi government have donated FORTY MILLION AMERICAN DOLLARS for the Syrian refugees and not a single person has wrote about it today! Of course they would, I mean the country is clearly well taken care of so why shouldn't we take care of our neighbors and be the first to do so, right?

And don't you worry about the poor, the have Allah ...

نامي جياعَ الشَّعْـبِ نامي حَرَسَتْكِ آلِهـة ُالطَّعـامِ