Saturday, March 17, 2012

Late Night Chit Chat

A few weeks ago I was at my parent's and my Mom and I were in the kitchen snacking on dried apricots and chit-chatting we were discussing how the world, people and everything around us is constantly changing and she said the only thing that will ever change are the beautiful memories of your loved ones, she told me this story that got me thinking about my life (no seriously it did, I'm not kidding). Any how, it's been over a month since she told me the story but I just cant stop thinking about it.

"I was about 3 years old, I think I was three because I can only remember vivid images, I had a bad allergy in my scalp and they had to shave my hair off. I was walking by the small river with my mom at my grand parents house, it was March I guess, everything was so green and beautiful and suddenly i realized I was alone my mom was not there, I guess I guess I let go of her hand chasing a something and I got lost. Some how I crossed the little bridge to the other side of the river and I realized I was completely alone and started crying, and then I saw my mom on the other side calling my name, she reached the little river's bank, looked around to make sure no one is there, lifted up her dress and made her way through the river and held me really tight once she made it to the other side and she cried. I can stell smell her" I was speechless and deeply touched, my Mom lost her mother when she was very little but the amount of memories she has of her is amazing and she doesn't have a single bad memory of her, we do tend to romanticize the memories we have of people we love but it's such a beautiful way to be remembered, isn't it? That was when I decided that when I die I want people to celebrate my life rather than mourn my death. As bizarre as that sounds for my culture but I truly deeply want a celebration! The way I see it if my life will be half as good as it is now then I will die in peace so why mourn it?

Think about it....

Have a nice day,

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