Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ditch the Sheep and Embrace the Dreams

I have insomnia, no not really, but I think I do. I'm having trouble sleeping sometimes, a condition I like to call (Safe Bed Syndrome) but I need to sleep just like all human beings so I found a way to avoid this and I thought I'd share it with the rest of the world, it's promised to help.

When we were little we were told to count sheep when we couldn't fall asleep, I remember actually doing it once when I was eight or nine and counted all the way to 900 before it actually worked so a couple of nights ago I remembered this incident while having trouble sleeping and remembered an article I once read that suggests you take a mental vacation, meaning think of your next vacation destination and imagine what it would be like so I started thinking about all the places and the things I want to do before I die and decided to write a list and keep it somewhere to remind and motivate myself to do those things while Ali and I still have the energy, and what better place to save something for eternity than the one and only the glorious World Wide Web! I'm smart, I know.

Trying to write my list I realized that I didn't really have as many dreams as I thought, my list has a very reasonable length, which lead me to the belief that the length of your list has an inversely proportional relation with your overall life stability for instance in my case having the ultimate spouse that always makes sure to assure me that all of our dreams will come true gives me a fuzzy sense of stability that generates a state of peace of mind that makes me feel extremely content about where the path has lead us and as a result a shorter list of dreams.

My list has two sections: things I want to do and places I want to see while I'm still alive some of them might never happen but if as much as 50% comes true I will be satisfied.

Places I want to see before I die:

 1. Central Park- New York

2. Rome- Italy

 3. Cape Town - South Africa

 4. Tokyo - Japan

 5. Charlestown - Nevis

Things I want to do before I die:

1. Sky dive
2. Read 100 books and hopefully write one.
3. Learn Italian.
4. Teach Ali to ride a bicycle and learn to drive a motorcycle together.
5. Own and fit into a size two designer jeans.
6. Shout at the top of my voice at the grand canyon.
7. Learn to swim
8. Sleep under the stars.
9. Have a baby girl (She must inherit her dads brain and my sense of humor)

Try this and you'll fall asleep in no time you'll have wonderful dreams as well, I did!

Have a good one.

Pictures from : Central Park, Rome, CapeTown, Tokyo, Charlestown

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