Monday, September 19, 2011

Bumble Bee

I've been staying at my parents for a while now since Ali is on a business trip. Last night, or morning I guess, well it was 4 in the morning, I woke up for a sip of water, I always wake up with a horrible muscle spasm, believe me sleeping on the floor is not easy so I dragged my self to the kitchen and back to the bath room to find a BEE standing at the bath room door!! I remembered mom's words the night before "Girls, We have a bee hive outside the bathroom so be careful, I've been killing at least one every time I go there", Killing?? no wonder why that bee stood there and stared at me as if it knew who I was. I just stood there and tried to wake myself up a bit, I moved to the left and it moved with me, I moved to the right and it moved with me, it had it's wings tightly straight as if it was waiting for me to do one stupid thing, an excuse if you may, to attack! I stood there for a moment and then realized that I was trapped between the bathroom door and the bee and if I moved it might be threatened and attack me.

Finally, after I was sort of awake, I decided to grab the hose and turn the water on to scare it away and I did, but the water hit it, it fell on the floor and started crawling in my direction I freaked out and grabbed the hose again gave it another good splash and fled back to my mattress.

At this point I was wide awake and I just couldn't go back to sleep and for a moment there I thought, what if Bugs and AntZ were real?? Man what if Toy story was real then the Bees and my nephew's toys are going to gang against me and I will never wake up to see the light!! What have I done!! I covered my head with my blanket and hoped to God that it won't call it's friends and crawl under the door and come for revenge.

You can guess what the theme of my dreams was. I woke up around seven extremely glad that all the stinging, fighting, screaming and the Bee gangsters were only bad dreams. I walked to the bathroom to see if it's still there to find that mom has killed it!

You know how in movies when some one wants to really hurt a person they kidnap their kid? I have quite an imagination, let's just hope there won't be a second episode.

After I wrote the title I remembered Aqua's song Bumble Bee :) Check it out and have a sting free day:


  1. Bee gangsters lol
    I wish if there invitations for to attend dreams, then I would kill to have one to this dream hehehehehe

  2. Defending me off course?? otherwise I'm not letting you in hehehe