Monday, September 26, 2011

"It is the summer's great last heat, It is the fall's first chill: They meet"

To me fall is the most peaceful season of all, it's as if the busy streets become less noisy and all the colors start to pop and everything is suddenly so beautiful, school has started and now I see the kids from the school in front of my parents house gathering around the ice cream car trying to get as many snow cones into their system as  possible before winter knocks the door. I can see the bougainvillea leaves that miraculously appear on my parents' front yard every year at this time of the year despite the fact that none of the surrounding houses have one. The other day Ali and I went out for lunch and decided to walk home since the weather was nice and warm and as we walked I noticed how the long curved street leading to our house had gorgeous foliage along it's sides, I was so excited, it's official Fall is here.

One rather sad fact is that we don't really get to have proper seasons here, it's either screaming hot summer or bone freezing winter while spring and summer last for what feels like a second, so if you live in Iraq you have to make your best out this very short period of time. Basically we get three to four weeks during which we can enjoy the sun without getting a sun burn after five seconds.

It also tends to remind me of my childhood,I remember when mom and dad would take me school supply shopping and buy me lots and lots of copybooks and pencils and crayons and then the shopkeeper would give me a sticker's sheet which I always thought of as the ultimate gift, for some reason, I would keep it safe for months before I decide to use it. Then school starts and we don't get that much homework at the beginning, all of our bicycles and barbie dolls are still within reach and we're all acting as if the world will end next week and we must enjoy our selves to the maximum before then.

Soon enough winter will arrive and I will be buried under seven layers of clothes hugging the Kerosen heater with my colorful socks and chest nut :) so I might as well make the most out of those precious days. Here's a list of my favorite fall things:

1. Books
2. Hot Cocoa
3. New York Fashion Week
4. The Sun
5. Foliage

I hope you have a wonderful, sensational and romantic season, I know I will sense my anniversary is coming up soon :)

Mindy Gledhill is great for any season:

Have a good one.

Picture from Philidelphia Fall Festival


  1. Fall has always been the most romantic season in the year... I've always been taken away and charmed by thr view of these falling golden leafs and the cool breeze that comes around to remind me that life can get more beautiful that we imagine.... such a wonderful blog you've created here :) and thatnk you so much for reading my blog and caring for it and for leaving me all thses constructive and sweet comments.

  2. Woooow 7aiati, this blog have made me feel so worm.
    18 years ago we had started to wait for fall to be prepared for school

    Love u Tokaity my all seasons