Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Are You Happy?

Last Night while trying to fall asleep and wondering threw the endless boards of my new found addiction, Pinterist I stumbled across this:

 I felt like the world stopped for a second when I read it and I finally understood that AHA moment that Oprah has been yapping about for years, although my moment was more of a HA moment rather than aha! I just sat there and wondered if it was actually that easy? I know that complicating things and over thinking only means you're human, right? but what if life actually is easier than what we make it? what if being happy requires no more than setting your foot and saying, you know what today I'm going to be happy? I felt like it was a wake up call, you know those moments in movies where a heavenly light shines over the lead actor from somewhere above with all the fire flies that appear out of nowhere complete with that Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa music-carol like sound? Yeah that's how I felt! it was spooky although it would have been cooler if the old wise Japanese guy made an appearance whispering words of wisdom into my head with his majestic voice, wouldn't it?

I came to a realize that I have all I need to be happy but I tend to dwell in all the horrible things that are happening around me. So with this attitude I woke up this morning with my mind set on Happiness and I feel good, well so far at least. So Whoever said that happiness is a state of mind was right, I woke up with a positive attitude and the day ended fine!

So there you have it if you want to be happy, BE.

Have a nice day

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Earth Hour 2013

Let the count down begin, 135 days to go!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Little Things - One direction

I am Currently Obsessed With this song!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

God Bless You Mr. Veggies on a Carriage

Ever since construction started in the piece of land next our house it's been hell. The Garage has cement stains all over it and it changed from off white to grey, the plants are on their way to being dead (Not that I ever took care of them) since the soil is completely covered with cement not to mention the drilling at 6:00 am but all of this was manageable until they decided to get rid of the big pile of brick pieces, sand and pebbles and break the floor at door!! Like we needed that.I grinch every morning as I open my house door to the little lake of a street we have now because Erbil's sewage system is old and anything can stop the water flow, a few pebbles and a little mountain of construction stuff and OCD neighbors who clean their garage and all the way to the house across the street TWICE a day  and vois la a lake big enough to ruin my shoes every morning yet to small to swim in lol.

Sometimes my dad drives me to work so I take a walk and wait for him on the main street and wait for him, the other day I arrived a bit early and as I was waiting and admiring the neat water flow that street had and I was thinking how we take those little things for granted until there's construction and the flow stops! my thoughts were disrupted by the Veggies and Fruits man who was passing by, he's a very short cartoonish looking guy with the Kurdish clothes, the big belly and very funny high pitch sound the combination makes me smile every time I see him, as usual he stopped to to say "Bashiiiiiiii?" (which is how are you in Kurdish) with a very big smile and offered to give me a ride to work in his human pulled carriage, then he turned to a street stopped his carriage and struggled trying to enter a fenced little garden, There was a water hose in there so I thought he was hot and wanted to cool off, he tried to squeeze him self but failed so he jumped over the fence and he started to look around the place, picked a little tree branch that was lying on the grass. I was like what on earth is this man doing?! maybe he needs something to shosh away the flies? but he squads behind the fence and reaches to the little manhole and tries to move the dirt and tree leaves and branches that were clogging it !!He looked at me and said something that I couldn't hear I just smiled and nodded, I felt like this man deserves a standing ovation, I was shocked in a good way and it simply made my day. and it turned out that the water flow was not really that good, well I was not wearing my glasses and everybody knows without them I'm practically blind.

There he is in the corner
God Bless you Mr. Veggies on a carriage

As I think of this incident I think to myself whether I would do something like this, would I jump over a fence to help the water flow in a place I don't live in not know anyone who does? Am I willing to get out of my way do something no one will notice or know about? would you?