Friday, May 20, 2011

My Journey to the Land Where East Meets West

"Why on earth do all the girls look so freaking good? Why are they all so tall an my god their skin  it's painful how pretty everyone is" This is what went through my mind walking down the wonderfully lit Istiqlal street and I remembered that bit from (Bridget Jones Diary) when her friends tell her that they saw her boyfriend with this girl who's legs were up to her neck and she goes "but my legs are only up to here"(pointing to her hips) Yes Turkish girls have legs up to their necks and it's annoying, a few days ago I was in Istanbul for a meeting and I must admit that it was a very strange trip I will tell you how it started, the plane takes off and I'm close to freaking out worried about my meeting and how there's a huge chance that I would fluck it and in comes the food cart with lunch, we all hate airplanes food but I was really hungry so I decided to go for it, next to me was a college and since I was traveling with 4 elder men they all decided to become my personal body guards for the next couple of days and I was not to move or do anything without one of them beside me watching my back, so my college, trying to be nice asked if I wanted salt to be added to my food and I said no and he said no I tasted it and it's really bad and he reaches for his salt bag thingy and sprinkles salt all over my food I thank him and dig in and guess what? It was sugar! That was enough to ruin my appetite. I sat in silence looking at the clouds and before I knew it we were landing that was when I realized that we were flying with the absolute worst pilot on the planet, I swear for a second there I thought we crashed, the impact was so hard that I banged my head against the chair in front of me and it was painful and the funny part was all the Turks on the plane started clapping, I swear I'm not making this up and I remembered this article I once read about flying etiquette and how you should thank the pilot for the smooth landing and I was hoping that the pilot won't be standing there at the exit because that would be really awkward.

Walking out of the terminal trying to find my way through the crowd, out of the gate and this flash hits my eyes and I was trying to cover the light to see what’s going on and there was a woman with a microphone and people shouting viva something, I moved right and left quickly to find myself walking with a sports team, a winning one apparently because they all had gold medals and flowers, and what seems to be their moms and relatives kissing them and shouting viva, yep I appeared on Turkish TV as the idiot who doesn’t know what was going on lol.

Ali didn't come with me and Istanbul was one of the cities that I wish to explore with him so I spent the majority of my free time which was very little sitting at the Cafe outside the hotel watching my manager playing backgammon, I was amazed by the number of people walking on the streets and I really liked how fast life pace is there, it seems everyone was late for something in fact once I thought one girl was stalking me and I started walking faster and faster then I almost started runing and she passes me and walks into the same hotel I'm staying at and she gives me this look which was something like "What’s wrong with you woman" !!

I had Pringles from the mini bar and the hotel didn't charge me for it, they asked if I had anything from the mini bar and I said no! That doesn't count as stealing, does it? lol. I lost my group at the airport and my phone did not work and I broadcasted a message on face book asking for help and logged out almost immediately after, I was stopped at the passport stamping both in Erbil because they thought my passport was forged! Now I'm back home and I'm so glad I'm back, I did not enjoy Turkey but I loved the atmosphere and as you can see it was a trip full of rather funny encounters, beautiful shoes, angry yelling taxi drivers and lots and lots of delicious food.

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