Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Marking the Beginning of Eternal Happiness

There are those you meet, like, become friends with just because we are humans and it’s our nature that we need to have company and this kind of relationship might last but more often doesn't and man did I have that, but there are those that you meet and you either immediately like or strongly dislike and after a while you become best buds, they witness the ups and downs of your life, the good and the bad and no matter how far you are, is some way they are always there for you. I have done my research and found out that a normal person maintains around 30 friendships at a time and have 10 people that have always been around and I consider really close friends so doing the math this makes me either above normal for having too many besties or well a sociopath!!
I hate to be one of those Iraqi whiners who complain about how all that took place over the last eight years forced us all to relocate and how much they miss good old home and the wonderful blue sky, they warm sun, Tigris and maybe even Euphrates, masgoof and the Iraqi bread and the date, you know that kind of people, right? Every time I read something like this I laugh, obviously you have never lived in Baghdad because if you did you would have noticed that for the last ten years we probably haven't had a clear sky day either duty dust storms or the incredible pollution, the sun during summer at noon! Seriously? Who misses that?, the food part is just nonsense they probably never had masgoof in their life, to be honest with you I can’t discuss this since I don't eat fish, Tigris have been so low to even like ever since I can remember, enough said? I think so, but truth is sometimes I don’t feel distanced from the ones I love, family and friends and I look back at my childhood and I remember everyone being at everyone’s wedding and now a days it’s different, you look at a newlywed’s Facebook page and the majority of the comments are “sorry I couldn’t be there, you know how things are” and that’s really sad for example out of the seventy something people I invited to my bridal shower only thirty something showed up! I did feel bad for a little bit, but then I remembered all the weddings and the party that I couldn’t go to and I felt for all those people and well to be honest with you what matters at the end is that I married THE ONE J .
I’m telling you this because a week ago a very close person to my heart, one of the most passionate and loving people I’ve ever known and my very best friend got married, we live far apart and we haven’t sat in the same room for five years, but every time we talk it’s like we have been together all day long yesterday and she never seizes to amaze me with her support in everything I do. F is the most creative person I’ve ever met and I’ve know her for eleven years and we’ve had our crazy ideas when we were in high school, for a while we decided to become architects after a little bit we shifted to interior décor and then it was the she would do decors and would do the planning and catering and we will, offcourse, have our own wedding planning business! we shared the same car pool, studied together, had the same tutors, we were pretty much in each other’s face all the time, but I have always loved F and we both knew that no matter what we will always be there for each others, but she got married and I couldn’t make it to the wedding! I stayed up all night long that night feeling sad for missing my besty’s wedding and the fact that I had my tooth pulled out and the place was infected wasn't exactly helping, let me tell you people BIG MISTAKE, the pain was unbearable! Now back to my story, despite the fact of how far apart I am from my siblings and friends I always feel their presence and I was hoping the F felt how happy I was for her that day and how proud I am of the woman she became .
 I love you and S better knows how lucky he is to have you as his wife and offcourse I can't end this without the ultimate wedding song, dedicated from moi to toi :)

Have a wonderful life .

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