Thursday, May 5, 2011

You can call me retro, but this is how I see things

Location: Iraq
Unless you've been living under a rock or you're blessed to be living in a house with no teenagers or females you must know who Kivanch Tatlitu is, but if you don't allow me to do the honors. Kivanch is a Turkish model - actor who managed to get all teenage and many adult females to fall in love with him, back at the day when we only had two TV channels we would all sit anxiously at 6 or 7 waiting for the dubbed Mexican soap opera to start and everyone was in love Alfredo, Fernando, Alhandro or whoever the star of the series was at the time. People would be so into those shows that some of them thought they were real actually I know a woman who actually promised that she would give away food if Alfredo and Guadalupe ended up together!!

Nowadays it's Turkish mania time, prime time TV is when a Turkish show is on, now those series are dubbed in Arabic, Syrian accent to be more specific and people may not realize this but when someone on TV is talking your language they have more effect than if they were talking their original dialect, this is a serious issue that our society is facing and no one is paying attention, to have teenage girls watching those things and shifting the sense of right and wrong in their heads is one thing but to have 6 year olds watch them religiously and follow all the events and know the actors is another. I was first shocked when Ali's 5 year old cousin asked me who did I like the most Muhannad (Kivanch) or The lead actor of another series şöhret which is Fame in Turkish, this was while the show was on TV and she asked how come this girl is with this guy when she was dating some other guy and asked me if I knew that her husband still loves her but he's an idiot!! this is a FIVE year old talking I was in complete shock, some people might find it cute but I found it wrong on every single level, I mean when I was her age all I ever watched was cartoons and I still remember one night it was the premier for Odessa’s the movie and I cried for two hours just so my dad would let me watch it, now kids have at least 6 all animation channels yet they are watching Turkish series. Is something wrong with this image or is it just me?

Yesterday a coworker asked me if I'm watching Muhanned's series I smirked and said no but I'm being forced to watch it since Ali's sister is staying with us and is a huge fan and I have to watch while having dinner every single night, and we started discussing the show, she thought it was amazing and the story was so touching!! the show's plot is that this young girl's dad dies and she meets an older man in a the cemetery and they get married then she starts having an affair with his NEPHEW who he basically raised as his own sun and then the nephew decides to end things since he doesn’t want his uncle to find out and get hurt and proposes to his cousin (the same uncle's daughter) and at the very end the lead actress shoots herself since she just couldn't take it anymore! I personally believe that what she did is completely wrong on all levels and in every culture and religion but surprisingly everyone else feels sorry for her! I was really surprised when my coworker was talking so passionately about the lead actress and how unlucky she was and how he deceived her!! (Seriously?) This is a married woman having an affair with her husband’s nephew! This phenomenon is affecting every single house and people are not realizing how bad it is, our moral compass is shifting and the sense of right and wrong has become too vivid to be true.

I must say that, out of fairness, Kivanch was actually voted best actor and was named Brad Pitt of the middle-east and he says about his character in Gumus (Noor) and I quote :"Mehmet is blond and has blue eyes, yet I am a Muslim and we have a culture which is very close to that of the Middle East,“. Really I thought it was his amazing acting and the marvelous plot!

Last night was the final episode and I, out of curiosity, watched it, the lead actor the I-Love-my-husband-yet-I’m-cheating-on-him-with-his nephew lady killed herself at the end and guesses what she was Muslim!! That was a shock!! with that being said I can say that I'm so proud of myself for not contaminating whatever space I have left in my brain with this silliness and I fear for the future of my future children, God knows what will be in by the time they are teenagers! But I think we should do what my brother and his wife did with their kids and that is watch nothing but cartons all day long and become huge fans of Sponge Bob lol.

To conclude this rather long and most likely boring blog of mine, this actually is all a plan of making Islam look more appealing to the western society and minds and what is a better way to do this than showing a bunch of people cheating, drinking and partying hard and doing absolutely nothing but wasting their time all day long, kill them at the end of the show and bury them with a Soora from Quran on their coffins? After all Hilary Clinton did say, while visiting Ankara "democracy and modernity and Islam can all coexist “!! 

Bir güzel gün var... 

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  1. THANK YOU FOR THAT be frank iv watched a few episodes just when im in the company of other people who somehow are addicted to it but i watched the last episode alone out of curiosity and really i laughed at the end when i saw the coffins coz that was the only scene that showed they were actually Islam! it has nothing to do with our religion and who thinks so is purely ignorant and iv seen alot of people think its ok to watch it saying "atleast they are Muslims"!!!!!! n i wanteed to explode...anyway i think uv said enough about it so i wont add...but yeah its no difference from Guadalopy or whatever.....