Sunday, May 1, 2011

Dear Me, Apologies!

Location: Iraq
Two days ago my dad gave a recipe for a cake he found on some Royal Wedding related website and asked me to make foe his birthday which is not happening for another three weeks, I thought since it's my one year engagement anniversary ,and yes I do celebrate everything in my life, and the cake was intended for the Royal wedding why not make it now instead. it's a very simple recipe I mixed the ingredients while watching Catherine and her gorgeously elegant dress walk down the aisle, that Cathedral was so beautiful and the choir sounded perfect I swear my eyes teared for a second, Now back to my cake, the one dad gave me had the British flag on it and I thought I should make one with the Iraqi flag instead, Whipped cream for the white and red and Coco powder for the black and Gelatos for the green. here’s a picture from the recipe :

And here's the one I made:

Cute isn't it? after finishing the thing and being so proud about it, baba comes to the kitchenand says: "Why did you make it with the Iraqi flag? I don't like it" and Ali goes : "This flag is Saddami"!!! talk about ungrateful, I thought that the Saddami flag had the takbir on it, I thought the stars represented the Iraq, Syria and Egypt Unity thing, but I never really thought about the reason why the stars stayed after the unity thing ended it turned out (Thank you Wikipedia people) that the stars represent the Baath Party moto: Unity Freedom and Socialism!!
Allow me to talk about the Moto:
Unity?! Yes we were united, there were two types of people you're either with the party or your against it and you forced to join it so yes we were united, we all faught for the noble cause of Arabs Nationalism!

Freedom: Like the French say, mais bien sure, of course we were free. Till this day I still remember that whenever we drive by one the presidential palaces everyone would look straight ahead and we would automatically stop talking, as if they can hear us! by the way I still think they could hear us, with that being said we can all say we obviously enjoyed freedom of speech. My dad one of the greatest minds this country has given birth to, 35 years of experience in his field and he had no right to buy a house in Baghdad until 2003! Since he was not born in Baghdad he had no right to buy a property in Baghdad, but all foreigners could easily buy any kind of property in Iraq!

Socialism: Now this is the best one, usually it goes like this you work hard you get rewarded right? back then it was you work hard you get nothing, the average Iraqi employee's salary was 1 Dollar! While the royal family had gigantic houses and tons and tons of money that they didn't know what to do with. So yes I guess we were all equals.

The reason Why I'm writing this is two days ago it would have been Saddam Hussein’s Birthday and although this person is proven to be make the devil himself be ashamed of how silly his actions are compared to Saddam's, there are people who still praise him and whatever it is that him and his people stood for and some of those people are people I know and are close to being friends of mine and I find it surprising how someone can insult all the widows and the orphans and every single person who lost someone they loved because one mentally disturbed person had an impulse and decided to kill them!

Regardless how rough things have been for the last eight years and whether you’re the kind of person that blames Almaliky or Saddam for ruining your favorite jeans walking in the rain I believe that we should all respect the fact that we owe it to ourselves not to go with the flow and not to believe whatever we hear, I admit that when it comes to politics I'm completely clueless and I choose not participate in the political arguments unlike every single person in my family, they all know their history and they all know exactly who is it they're voting for in the next elections and when someone lashes someone they support man IT'S ON I tend to wonder off and think about something else when those conversations start, but I believe that Almaliky is not as bad as people make him seem and that the man is trying, not as hard as he should, but he is trying and I know for a fact that no matter who ends up being the prime minister Iraqi people will always be angry and won't be content with that person's actions. I also know that Saddam Hussein is one of the worst persons ever lived on this planet and no one should ever praise him and we should turn the page and move on and hope for a better future which kind of looks vivid at the moment but possible to a certain extent.

With that being said, I want to apologize to myself for leading me on to a wrong path, for being one of the helpless people back at the days, although I have only been to one manifestation in my whole life and I actually went because my school made us, but I did go to many events and that makes me a part of the cheering community and I never regretted doing those things until two days ago, that cake is not only delicious it's also inspiring lol.

Bottom line is I think people should show some respect to all those affected by Saddam's actions, and we all know atleast one family who did, the whole birthday celebration things are not only pointless they're  insulting to some people and  I also believe that we should go to my parents house tonight and have some cake since I left it in my mom's fridge lol.


  1. Dear 7abibty this is great article and the cake was great with starred Iraqi flag hehehehe
    and about the 28th of April "The Devil birthday" just mention this with celebration is insulting to millions of Saddam's victims not only for some people.

  2. True. One day people will wake up and realize this just like I did.