Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mourning a Society

I've been looking for a new job for a while now and sending my resume everywhere, literally, but no one has called back, well not yet, but soon enough i know someone will. During one of my nothingness hours I was reading a blog on Vogue UK and I thought they're not any better than I, why can't I be a professional blogger? So I sent an email to the editor asking if they're interested in adding such an amazing asset as my wonderful sense of humor and one of a kind taste and sarcasm!... What? I am one of a kind, aren't I? any how a couple of days later I receive an email from the editorial coordinator, don't get all worked up it was a refusal letter, but the way it was written and the amount of ethics that shined through that monitor on me while reading almost made me cry, now I'm being too dramatic but seriously it was the most polite refusal letter I've ever read. The woman was apologizing for disappointing me, this might be normal for others but in Iraq people don't even send a thanks-but-no-thanks letter so I actually found it really sweet:

This kind of ethics is what made the western society the way it is right now, the Middle Eastern society, sadly, is extremely pretentious and most people, especially powerful ones tend to present them selves under the cover of religion, Islam that is, and then go on and do the most atrocious things and those who don't use the religion trick, use the retarded society card and go and do whatever it is that crosses their minds and call the rest of us uncivilized and retro! This is something that has always made me angry because those people are the reason why the Islam and middle-eastren's image to the west has always been associated with terrorists, camels and barbarian, savage, uncivilized bunch of guys drinking in a tent in the middle of the desert! despite  how far from reality this is, we can not blame the outer world for presenting us like this, we never really tried to change this image, most if not all modern Arabic movies and books are either a knock-off from a western story or is a wanna-be western story, middle easterns in general and especially Iraqis go to the united states and become more Americans than Americans them selves, we embrace all faulty and odd behaviors and present them to our society as a part of what should be the norm as if this is how societies evolution goes, flush all the beliefs down the toilet and in with the new and queer! Nowadays all that used to be taboo has become the norm and with that I've given up on the future and I send my condolences to those caught in the middle of fire, unfortunately nothing will ever mend the deep scar those outcasts made on our society's face.

Gandhi once said "The things that will destroy us are: politics without principle; pleasure without conscience; wealth without work; knowledge without character; business without morality; science without humanity; and worship without sacrifice" for those who still have  manners, ethics and good old integrity left please hold on to them and pass as much as possible to world around for if we don't someday, not so far,we will wake up and and say rest in peace middle eastern society!

Have a nice a day


  1. I agree with you, I've been there before, where you in interview with someone who think he own everything just for 10 years experience and forgets that he was in my place before.
    Telling you he will contact you soon, and no one call, it's just not respectable way, and really I hope I wont do the same thing 10 years later

    Thanks 7aiati for the great blog

  2. Respect is earned not forced, this is something that seems to be very hard for the majority of people here. Thank you for your never ending support <3