Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hide and Seek Memories

I grew up in a special neighborhood, It was sort of a compound for the employees of a government company  where my dad worked. The number of kids there was ridiculous I can not even remember how many best friends I had back then not to mention the ones I had in school. so with all the tiny brains around my tiny brain we had some seriously waked-up ideas and beliefs. Our normal day would start around 9:00am after breakfast we would all go out, morning are usually dedicated to barbie dolls, board games or indoor activities, then comes lunch, TV and once it's afternoon everybody's out, we played and played and played until midnight sometimes, I remember being dragged home crying at times.

Back then I had some crazy beliefs  and I was thinking about those things the other day and I cracked myself up laughing, I was certain that back in the 60's life was in black and white and I remember seeing one of dad's college pictures in color for the first time and freaking out about it, I thought it was magic! I also believed that everyone, everywhere spoke Arabic, Iraqi to be more accurate and that other languages were simply TV dialect. I thought that compound we lived in was pretty much home and anything outside its walls was abroad. When "Truman Show" came out, for months I thought I was in a show like that and was looking for hidden cameras everywhere. I thought songs were broadcasted live and was always amazed by how they managed to do every single move look exactly the same every time. I believed if I looked at something long enough I could move it with the power of thought!

We had so many games and so many things to do that I don't remember ever being bored. Every summer we would have a sensation, a game or a thing that we would usually invent and get completely addicted to for at least two months and man did we enjoy ourselves, no worries, no problems just pure fun. Life is so much easier when you're only worry is how fast will you be able to run during tomorrow's baseball game, isn't it?
Now you should know that I've always had a thing against those stuck in a period of their lives when they were happy and always wanted to go back there or try their best to stay there, I've always thought that it's human nature to evolve and by doing that you would be messing with the universe. So I'm not one of those people I just think I had the most outrageously crazy beautiful childhood any girl could ever ask for and sometimes only very few times I wonder what it would be like if I could go back in time for one last bicycle race, to feel the freezing cold February air on my face while insisting on wearing summer clothes because hey it's spring! you know, just to have that care-free feeling for one second, to step away from adulthood and all the huss and fuss we're surrounded by everyday. We all long for childhood sometimes, When I look back at my life and look at how things turned out I really wish that if someday Ali and I have a baby, he or she would have a childhood just as good as mine, to be able o appreciate everything in life, be thankful for what ever it brings them and most importantly realize that they should embrace life even if their life did not turn out to be as planed to know that God has bigger and much better ones for everyone.

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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    I'm married to a girl who thoughts there is a special Truman show for herself, Soooooo cute hehehehehehe

  2. Makrooooh!!! that's a horrible thing to say hahaha in my defense I was only 11!

  3. Love the post! nice blog by the way! :)

  4. I used to play Hide and seek in my own very social neighborhood, great reading this post

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