Monday, April 11, 2011


Dear Reader,

I'm T. the know it all, master of all masters, the person that nothing on this planet can beat, just kidding :). I came up with the idea for this blog a couple of weeks ago (today is April 11) when I realised I always have those amazingly great ideas and freakishly weired thoughts that I think should be documented but I'm to lazy to keep a journal and knowing that I've tried doing that before and it was a complete fail although that was like ten years ago and I was in high school and all but still I lacked commitment. I would write for one week religiously then I would stop for two months, then someone would piss me off and I would start again, after a couple of years of "dear diary, I know it's been three months since I last visited you" I decided to give up and admit that I'm not cut for it besides there was nothing to write about. Besides the many failed trials to blog and commit to it I've never taken this seriously it got to the point where now I have I think 3 Gmail accounts that I've created to be able to create a blog but every time I forget my password, and yes I have created a new account for this one, so long story short I've decided to commit to it this time and we'll see how it goes.
Things that I will be talking about:

1. Cooking : I have a passion for cooking I come up with the weirdest recipes but they always come up delicious, my husband would second this or at least I hope he will lol.

2. Weight loss: now this is a major issue for me, I have gained 14 Kg during the last two years and now I'm on a diet which I will get to in really boring details.

3. Shopping: I used to be addicted I would spend my entire allowance on clothes and shoes, man do I have shoes, now it's much better, well not really but I don't go out that much so it turned out the least exposure to temptation the less you spend.

4. Makeup: I believe I'm at a level of a makeup artist actually if I was born in a different county I would totally take that as a profession.

5. My family: I'm very lucky when it comes to family, I was born in a loving, caring, very not like all Iraqi families. Sometimes I think if my siblings were strangers and we all met somewhere, odds are we would hate each others hehehe each one of us have a completely different take on everything in life and that's the beauty of it.

6. If your wondering what the title of the blog means it's this name that my friend came up with, you know how Brad Pit and Angelina Jolie merged their names to Brangliena well it's the same concept we're the TokAlis. That being said my Hubby is going to be a major topic here after all that's what this blog was for in the firs place.

7. Anything that comes to mind, any thoughts what so ever.

Now at the end of this introduction I T. hereby promise to blog at least twice a week for the next year.


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