Monday, April 11, 2011

At least I'm not off beat

I have this habit that some people find annoying, I know the lyrics for every single song on the planet I find it quite interesting and shows how smart I am hehehe. My husband keeps saying God if only you put this to good use so I decided to do so and started searching lyrics for new and upcoming singers the ones that have like 1000 subscribers on you tube despite the fact that their music is amazing for example Mindy Gledhill, that woman ROCKS aside from the very obvious fact that I'm not christian but her not-so-religiously-christian songs are awesome, so after googling her songs I found out that there's a whole album that has no record what so ever, NO LYRICS any where and I thought well here's my chance and started adding lyrics. I admit all my posts are still pending none of them is approved although I'm pretty sure they're all a 100% accurate but no approval yet on the bright side I received a friend request from someone on the lyrics site with a really obscene yet funny screen name which means someone have noticed my amazingly rare talent hehehehe (In your face Haneen).
I read this article once that said the vocal cords can be reshaped or something, meaning if you practice the right way you will end up with a wonderful-singer-material voice, if you are from the middle east you would totally buy that we have some performers that sounded like a rat have grown nails and is scratching a piece of polished wood I think the right word is creak (I have heared this sound before I will tell you the story in a later post) those singers now sound decent now I know for sure they haven't come up with a surgical procedure for this so it must be training. this being my very reasonable reason I will keep singing until I unleash the Celine Dion within .... Sorry honey you're going to have to put up with it lol.

Mean while tame your vocal cords with this song:

Now honestly how hard is it to write a song, when most of the lyrics are click click, smush smush, murmur murmur. I think I can do that, easily.

Have a nice day.

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