Saturday, October 6, 2012

Random Reflections of a Pencil Sniffer

I was born in Spring and it's the season of you know change, rebirth and prosperity and all those stuff, but to me the only good thing about it is my birthday other than that it's just an annoying period of allergies, Fall on the other hand has always been my ultimate favorite season and you can totally tell because I'm always smiling and I get a bit too yippy sometimes and I never really had it figured out, but for some reason all good things in my life happened during Fall, I met my best friend in September, I met Ali in October, I started my first job around this time of the year, although I fell in love somewhere between fall and winter but I got married in the Fall as well and every year something good happens around this time...

My love affair with Fall never seems to end, every year at this time I start reflecting on everything in my life, I get in the mood of taking long walks,  listening to soothing music and most importantly walk into stationary shops and smell pencils, I know it's too creepy but the smell of burning wood and sharpened pencils is the most relaxing and joyous smell there is!

I bought a pencil and I have my coffee and my music all there's left to do is sit and wait for that one great thing that is supposed to happen, I'm just hoping that Mom's pumpkins are not the biggest event of the season!

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