Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm Simply Bored

I had a horrible nightmare this morning and I felt such a relief when it turned out to be just a bad dream, I have this really strange habit, if I wake up to a bad dream this automatically ruins the rest of my day and it did! it's only noon and I feel like this is the longest day I've ever lived, I just want to go home, go to sleep and wake up tomorrow morning to find myself in Langkawi!!

By now you probably can tell I'm bored, right? I have so much work to do but my brain refuses to coordinate with my eyes and fingers to actually type or do something useful and I have been procrastinating for the last couple of hours. Just to show you  how bad things are, get this, I have actually Googled "How to beat boredom" and for man was I surprised. there are so many articles about this. Apparently  I'm not the only person who actually needs some one else to tell them how to burst the nothing-to-do-ness buble.
E-How has a whole article about this with instructions and all plus it lists the things you need to reach your goal: Computer, Paper, Books and whatever you have. Another one form wiki-how suggested that I think, meditate or give my mind something to do!! The worst one was Ezine's Article Please read point 6 it completely depressed me and now I'm wondering, Why am I where I am? The internet is supposed to help us with things but sometimes it's just annoying how much information I can find that I should never be introduced to, for example a few weeks ago I told my dentist that on the internet it says that a dry socket could take several weeks to heal and I was wondering if that was true and he smiled, probably thinking who the hell lead  this annoying creature to my clinic! During my search for boredom cure I stumbled across this rather interisting article : 17 ways to beat boredom cheaply which was quite interisting and I have decided to go home, read a book, wait for Ali and when he comes back from Baghdad I'll  try to convince him to take me out for a walk and we'll see...

Before you go you have to read this one its hilarious "How to never be bored again"  !

Have a good one.

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